STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase

STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase

STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase

‘I am a parent of a participant of this showcase last fall, Cory. I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for running a very organized and well run day. Everything about that day was smooth, from the pre-tournament communication to the great signage to find the fields, the coaches who actually cared about the kids and "were really hands on" per my son. There was great follow up. It was the first time my son was invited to speak with the individual coaches after an event so that they could meet him with his helmet off and get a sense of him as a person and vice versa. The 3D Rising Showcase was the perfect small environment for players to get noticed and get more intimate attention and instruction from the coaches. I am pleased to tell you that Cory committed to the admissions process at Williams college on July 1st. He was "discovered " at your 3D rising showcase. Again, thank you all for everything. The recruiting process is difficult for both players and parents . 3D made it exponentially easier for us.

-Alissa and Cory, Los Angeles, CA

Why is STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase a can’t-miss event?

Player to Coach Ratio

We will have 30 NCAA Division III Coaches and 120 players across three grades on one field ensuring that every play of every game is in front of every coach! Check out the college coaches that were in attendance at the STX Rising DIII Summer Showcase.


Early fall is the time while the most spots remain at the most schools! For players in the 2020 and 2021 grad years, the window is closing and it only gets more difficult and tougher odds as we head into late fall, winter and spring.


This is a one-day training and recruiting event and we will get the players in front of college coaches 100% of the time. We feel strongly that one hour of practicing with a team will a.) make everyone perform better together, and b.) make everyone a better lacrosse player!

Caliber of Play

Our invite-only system that leverages 3d Lacrosse’s network of school and club coaches has time and time again produced highly competitive camp environments and the STX Rising DIII Fall Showcase will do the same.


Midwest - October 6th, 2019

East - October 20th, 2019


A full schedule will be handed out to the players when they arrive on site.


Midwest - Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

East - Nobles & Greenough School, Dedham, MA


CLICK HERE to view Midwest pricing/registration.

CLICK HERE to view East pricing/registration.

*Includes 3 games and a practice session in front of college coaches, video is available at additional cost through Nextpro

For more information or questions, please contact:

Nicole Conn
Manager, Camps
[email protected]

Coaches, to recommend players, please contact:

Tim Bigelow
Manager, Camps
[email protected]