Rising DIII Summer Showcase

Rising DIII Summer Showcase

"I was really impressed with all aspects of the D3 Rising Summer 2021 Showcase. One aspect that really stood out to me was the schedule. I felt that we were able to get multiple personal coaching sessions with fantastic coaches and had more than 3 games. On top of that, multiple chances to talk with coaches off the field about all aspects of recruiting. The facilities were great, and the energy from the coaches and players was high the entire time. An overall great experience." -

Ben R. (player)


"I wanted to let you know that my boys thought your program was the best they have attended. They stressed what a difference it made playing with the team before being watched by 50 coaches. They also loved the box lacrosse and instruction received. Thanks for the quality experience!"

Amy M. (parent)


A Showcase That Has Risen Above The Rest

The Rising DIII Showcase is part of the Rising Showcase Series platform, a family of showcases powered by 3d Lacrosse, that takes a holistic approach to player development and is designed to put players on the right path to play college lacrosse. With 50 top Division III college coaches from 18 different conferences in attendance in 2019 and 120 players from 20 different states, players were guaranteed a high level of play and top exposure.

Rising DIII Summer Showcase 2022 - 



June 20 & 21, 2022



June 20 - 8 AM - 7 PM 

June 21 - 8 AM - 4 PM*

*Tentative schedule; a more detailed schedule will be made closer to event time



Springfield College, Springfield, MA



$595 per player*

*this price does not include lodging, meals or transportation.



Rising DIII Summer Showcase is a Stay-To-Play event.






Attendance is limited to 170 players each from the graduating years 2023, 2024, and 2025.


Plenty of lacrosse showcases give prospects the chance to compete in front of top coaches. Many of them, however, simply throw players together for the day and ask them to play their best on a team of perfect strangers. Others ignore the fact that getting a coach’s attention is only a very small part of the recruiting process. We think top prospects deserve better. Our Division III specific, two-day showcase gives teams time to develop chemistry before they play in front of top coaches. Participants will learn both on and off the field during the first day of training, prior to showing off their skills on day two.

The Rising DIII Showcase is part of a family of showcases rooted in 3d Lacrosse's educational, holistic approach to player development. These two-day, two-part programs are intended to change the entire paradigm of showcase lacrosse. Our intensive, advanced training will ensure that players will be at their very best on day two of this event. At the same time, participants will gain insights and learn methods to improve their recruitment candidacy and their role as leaders among their peers.

The numbers don't lie. Our event has helped players and coaches connect. Our most current case study takes a look at the connection between the showcase and the NESCAC.

The Details

Training -- The Rising DIII Showcase will begin with one day of intense training that will include drills and scrimmages incorporating the 3d Methodology.

Participants will be able to incorporate these techniques into their game, increasing both their skills and lacrosse IQ significantly and visibly. Also, the opportunity to scrimmage with other players in advance will develop team chemistry, another clear advantage to the players as they prepare to perform in front of college recruiters.

Education -- A wealth of information is what helps set the Rising DIII Showcase apart from other lacrosse showcases. Participants will leave with a new understanding of:

  • The college recruitment process – Target schools of interest with advice from recruiting professionals and highly qualified academic counselors. Participants will learn what it takes to become a Division III players it relates to GPA, course load, and SAT/ACT considerations; how to get seen by NCAA coaches at the right place and time, and the recruiting cycle and timing based on age, ability, and ambition.
  • Nutrition, strength and conditioning – Maximize performance with tips from industry experts.
  • Sports psychology principles – Learn from professionals how relaxation, pre-game visualization and other methods help when it’s time to put on the game face.

Showcase -- After receiving the best possible preparation to truly showcase their skill, IQ, athleticism, toughness, and potential, participants will gear up and compete in three games in front of the nation’s top Division III coaches. Also included is an opportunity to personally meet these coaches 1-on-1 on game day.

Video Packages

3d Lacrosse is partnered with Nextpro Video. *Video information will be updated closer to the event time

Refund Policy

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For more information, or questions, please contact:

Seth Jacoby
Director of DIII Lacrosse

Coaches, to recommend players, please contact:

Seth Jacoby
Director of DIII Lacrosse