Rising Showcase Series

Rising Showcase Series



About the Rising Showcase Series


Building on the recognition of Rising, 3d Lacrosse’s media entity covering scholastic and club lacrosse, and the success of the Rising Showcases from previous years, 3d Lacrosse has launched the Rising Showcase Series. The complete series includes offerings for student-athletes looking to compete at any level, boys and girls, and committed players as well.

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This Rising Showcase Series includes an offering for every student-athlete whose goal it is to play college lacrosse. 3d Lacrosse's track record for delivering a valuable training and evaluation experience, and its dedication to staffing camps with respected college coaches, will help make the Rising Showcase Series the best opportunity for players to rapidly develop their skills and get on the right path to play college lacrosse. 3d Lacrosse operates its camps based on optimal timing, geographic location coach availability to guarantee maximum value and opportunities for athletes who attend all camps in the Rising Showcase Series. It is easy to why the Rising Showcase Series camps are simply the nation’s top opportunities for up and coming prospects.