3d Prep Bound

3d Prep Bound

3d Lacrosse’s Prep-Bound Showcases have been organized to match players interested in New England college preparatory schools (Grades 9 – 12) with coaches and admissions officers from more than 40 schools in the region. Each student athlete’s goals and journey are different and this educational day is meant to help your family make a decision about where your child might attend High School.

This one- day lacrosse event for current 6th - 12th graders combines a critical mix of lacrosse training and game play with an information session about prep schools followed by a Prep School Fair where parents and prospective students can learn more about individual schools.

Players will experience cutting-edge training, excellent on-field coaching and the chance to build personal connections with prep school professionals.

During the two-hour prep school information session, families will have the opportunity to have a variety of questions answered, including:

  • Which schools provide that best academic fit for my son?
  • What is atypical day like for a prep school student?
  • What is the timeline for the application process?
  • Is there financial Aid available for families that cannot afford tuition?
  • How does repeating & reclassifying work? What is a Post-Graduate (or PG) year? Does it make sense for my child?
  • Is academic tutoring available on campus?
  • Are there opportunities to travel abroad?
  • What is the student- to-faculty ratio?
  • Which standardized tests do my child need to complete in order to apply?
  • Do I need to apply before I visit the campus and/or schedule an interview?
  • When is the best time for us to schedule a campus tour or interview? • What types of questions will the prep school interviewer ask?
  • What kind of questions will the interviewer ask?

This program is designed to uncover the many varying options available to your sons and daughters before making a decision on attending a school.

For Parents, Players and Admission Teams:

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