Current College Bound Player Testimonials



“Coach Munro – Thank you for your guidance, coaching, feedback, advice and advocacy. You are a special person and coach. The passion you have for the game and for the young men in your program are evident in your actions. The organization you have built, 3d Lacrosse, is one that a parent can only dream of. It has exceeded all our expectations in every way. We are so impressed with the organization, communication, commitment and value. Both your administrative and coaching staff is outstanding. My sons receive the highest level of coaching at training camps, practices, events and tournaments. Mitch and I first met you at the 3d Blue Chip tryout for the South Region. Since then you have been a mentor, advisor and a friend to Mitch and our entire family. I cannot thank you enough for the attention, support and commitment that you have extended to us since we first met, through the recruitment process and into the present.” Lisa Russell, mother of Mitch Russell, Colorado 3d Select recruit 2014 Duke

"3d lacrosse gave me a great opportunity to go to high profile tournaments, with a talented team and play my kind of lacrosse. They work with your strengths and find ways to develop you as a player and assist in the recruiting process. Also, they bring in great coaches that know the game and that helps you tremendously. I feel that 3d Canada is one of the best decisions I made in terms of club teams to play for. The whole 3d family was great from our coaching staff of Dan Teat and Nic Bell to the Founder of 3d, Jamie Munro. I would recommend 3d to any Canadians who take lacrosse seriously and want great exposure."   Jake Fox, Canada 3d Select recruit 2015 Johns Hopkins

"3d Lacrosse has exceeded are expectations in every way.  Jamie Munro and David Jenkins have been absolutely incredible. They are always accessible and the guidance, feedback, effort they extended to us throughout the recruiting process was amazing. They have to be two of the hardest working, most diligent people I’ve ever met.  It was evident from the start the confidence and the respect the college coaches have for both Jamie and David. There wasn’t a moment when Jamie and David were not directly involved. They were there during the skill/training sessions, during the tournaments and during every second of the recruiting process. Bottom line: they are directly responsible for the opportunities Alex received from the various programs.  Since making the verbal commitment to Johns Hopkins, both Jamie and David have continued to guide Alex on what he needs to do over the next couple years in order to be better prepared for the challenges involved with being a college student-athlete. Whether it’s having the opportunity to participate in the Canada Box Immersion Program or being there to take a late night phone call looking for guidance/input, Jamie and David have continued to be there for Alex both on and off the field.  We can not thank Jamie and David enough for the guidance they have given us and for the impact they have had on Alex both as a player and as a person."      Mike Perreault father of Alex Perreault, New England 3d Select recruit 2013 Johns Hopkins University

"Jamie Munro (3d Lacrosse CEO) clearly sees value in incorporating attributes of the Canadian box lacrosse game into field lacrosse, and is a strong promoter of Canadian players making it into American programs. I was fortunate enough to play on Jamie Munro and David Jenkins 3d Lacrosse team last fall and it was an invaluable experience. I respect both men deeply for what they are doing in the lacrosse world and their knowledge of the game. Both men were quick to promote me and helped me achieve some of my goals as they do for many Canadian players."      Todd Stewart, New England 3d Select recruit 2012 Brown University  

"Coming from Canada, it is always a lot harder to get noticed by those top NCAA teams, and the Canadian coaches are not as well connected. 3d Lacrosse and David Jenkins (3d Lacrosse Director of New England operations) gave me an advantage over other Canadians and most Americans and helped me reach my goal.”      Andrew Mullen, New England 3d Select recruit 2013 University of Virginia

Coach Munro... It is very seldom that you find a person that not only understands the unique talents of your son but also truly enhances them, solely for the benefit of the athlete. You helped take our son Collins lacrosse game to another level. The one on one coaching and practice spent before the 3d Select College-Bound team last fall helped him show well in front of DI, DII, DIII college coaches. This resulted in sincere interest from several schools. In addition, your support, advice and advocacy helped us navigate through an arduous college recruiting process. It provided him with the tools to communicate effectively with coaches and intelligently weight options based on his athletic abilities, potential and fit, beyond lacrosse. To top it off, Collins had two amazing summer experiences with 3d Lacrosse. First, he played in the Denver Shootout with his high school team. Playing with some of the best talent across the country gave him a sense of his abilities and potential as a D1 player and what he needs to works on. Second, he was able to participate in the first Canada Box Lacrosse Immersion camp. What an awesome experience that took his offensive game and stick skills to another level and increased his lacrosse IQ. He also played with several talented D1 recruits whom he continues to stay in contact with. It was a unique instruc- tional and cultural experience for both player and parents. He is planning on being there for the second year of the program. 3D Lacrosse has provided Collins with high quality instruction, elite player development and the opportunities/environments where he could learn and grow by adapting. As he heads off to play in college, we can't say enough about his experience with 3d Lacrosse. Many thanks to you, your coaches and amazing staff.       Marcie Gantz mother of Collins Gantz, CO 3d Select recruit 2012 Bryant University

“The training Alex received from 3d was excellent and improved his game tremendously. Our son had been in the recruiting process already for one year when 3d launched. We had not progressed very far with any college prior to joining 3d. We depended on 3d to provide coaching and skill development, an honest evaluation of our sons lacrosse skills, recruiting guidance, access to D1 and D3 coaches, recommendations of potential teams/school our son should consider and honest feedback from prospective coaches. We had pretty high expectations and 3d delivered on all fronts. We worked with Jamie, Greg, Lance, many 3d coaches and staff and have had a very positive experience. The recruiting process is a stressful journey and we were lucky to have 3d by our side every step of the way.”      Lorie Sadler mother of Alex Sadler, CO 3d Select recruit 2012 Denison University

"3d Select Lacrosse was new to Massachusetts last year and it's had an immediate impact here. There are plenty of club teams and programs from New Hampshire to Connecticut, but 3d Lax's unique approach to instruction and its emphasis on college recruitment made it an obvious choice for us. It's a serious, well-organized program. Jake was a rising junior when 3d Lax started in our area, so he was really late to the recruitment game. But Jamie Munro (former University of Denver coach) and Dave Jenkins (Virginia star, former Boston Cannons player and face-off king) helped him make up for his late start by explaining the process from the perspective of a former D1 coach and D1/MLL player. They know what recruiters are looking for. Jamie has relationships with many top coaches and is eager to call on your behalf. They both will help you evaluate which schools are the best fit, for lacrosse and academics. Plus, they are very accessible. This was a huge issue with the director at a well-known but dysfunctional New England lacrosse program, but we could call Jamie or Dave at any time for clarification or support during the recruitment process. That's very important, especially considering the investment in time and money. Most importantly, Jake loves the box-field lacrosse hybrid method that 3D Lax preaches. Quick passes, ball control, motion, setting picks, accurate shots, tight team play. He was a very good player and became an all-star during the summer with 3d Lax. He was recruited by D3 Champion Salisbury University in Maryland and will be playing for the winningest lacrosse coach in NCAA history. The cost is comparable to other club teams in the area, and they already attract the top lax players. Their teams compete well against the Clams (Top Gun) and are probably better than the rest of the New England club teams already. Last summer, 3d Lax held their own against the talented programs from Long Island and Maryland. 3d Select Lacrosse is a great program to develop your game at the highest level, with friendly, professional support and terrific personal assistance, especially when it comes to college recruiting.”  Stuart Rotman father of Jake Rotman New England 3d Select recruit 2012 Salisbury University

"Jamie, On behalf of Amy, Jackson, and myself I would like to express our gratitude for your guidance, counseling, and insights through the Recruiting Process. You quickly identified Jackson's strengths, which in turn allowed him to put himself in a position to best showcase his talents. Our son's quality and quantity of options increased significantly because your advocacy for him had credibility with College Coaches. Clearly your eye for talent and straightforwardness with them, has earned you the ear of some of College Lacrosse's most respected names. I'll tell you again, your 3D LAX vision is invaluable to both the player and parent, first and foremost by making better lacrosse players, then getting them the exposure and venue to be discovered, and all along the way co-piloting the family through the murky waters of the Recruiting Process. Jackson is thrilled at having the opportunity to attend Wesleyan, and looking forward to tearing it up in the NESCAC. Most gratefully, The Arnolds ".”  John Arnold father of Jackson Arnold CO 3d Select recruit 2012 Wesleyan University

"Our experience with 3d Lacrosse could not have been better or more rewarding.  Of all the lacrosse programs Jeff was involved with 3d had the most impact on his game and his future.  The camps and tournaments not only helped my son take his game to a whole new level but the 3d staff was tremendous with the college recruiting process.  The Box Immersion camp in Canada opened up a whole different side of lacrosse for the boys, boosting their confidence with stick handling and off ball movement.  Coaches at the clinics used different drills more in line with college play.  The fall tournament teams consisted of talented players, making competitive games with a great level of play and the opportunity to make new friends. Dave Jenkins went above and beyond anything we could have expected with the college recruiting process.  He called numerous coaches encouraging them to come to tournaments to watch his 3d players.  He did so much for Jeff without us ever having to ask.  Because he played at a top tier D1 program he has many connections and his opinion is highly valued.   Aside from terrific representation, he is truly one of the nicest guys in lacrosse."  Sincerely, Valerie Kratky mother of Jeff Kratky, New England 3d Select recruit 2013 University of Virginia

“As a parent, 3d Lacrosse stands above the rest in 3 ways.  1. Development. Strengthen the player skills to compete at the highest level and to succeed on and off the playing field. 2. Counsel. Honest feedback and direction and support in navigating the recruiting process. Providing guidance for the right school fit to the player 3. Access. When it all comes together, the ability to reach out to their college coaching contacts and have the respect of those coaches in profiling their players and helping them to secure a commitment. With 3d it's the total package.”  George DeMarchi  father of Justin DeMarchi, New England 3d Select 2012 recruit Denison University

"3dLacrosse was a Life-Saver!  As Bailey entered the Fall of his Junior Year Jamie and 3dLacrosse became a part of our family.  We were blessed to have such a knowledgeable and well-connected advocate help us decipher the recruiting letters and emails. Jamie and 3dlacrosse were available 24/7 to answer questions and provide honest and straightforward feedback.  The skills Bailey developed while participating in Canada have taken his game to a new level and given him a confidence he didn’t have prior to working with the 3d staff. Finally 3dlacrosse was FUN!  People often do not recognize how stressful the recruiting process can be – the coaches and staff at 3dLacrosse kept that in mind and ensured that their player(s) had a chance to laugh, learn and grow athletically while continuing to LOVE the game.  Thanks for everything Jamie!" Jennifer Brandeberry mother of Bailey Tills, CO 3d Select 2012 recruit Brown University

"3d Select is an outstanding organization focused on the development and recruiting aspects of the individual player. 3d has an amazing coaching staff that understands the need to get to know the player on an individual level in order to help them succeed as greatly as possible. My experience getting recruited with the 3d Select staff was amazing. Some of the top coaches around the state got to know me as a unique individual, thus being able to feel confident in their recommendations for recruiters. Jamie Munro would personally sit down with me and discuss what my hopes and aspirations were in the recruiting process. Working with this staff I could easily ask if Coach Munro or another coaching staff member could give me advice on how to approach recruiters both in person and on the phone. The coaching staff would than take it a step further asking if there was anything they could do in order to help, whether it was to call the coach personally, email them, or personally put in a recommendation to them during tournaments. Development of the player is a goal that the coaching staff strives for both during practice and games. They are involved with your play as much as possible teaching you game strategy, stick work, and off the field development. As a defensive man I was coached by professional players as well as college coaches. The staff recognizes that in order to become the best lacrosse player you must first master the basics, such as foot work. They knew that starting with foot work; everything would build on top of that. Working with these coaches, my stick skills improved immensely, teaching me not only to be a threat taking the ball away, but a threat in the transitional game and the offensive game." Luke Leathers, CO 3d Select 2012 recruit Air Force