FLG in 3D All-Star Games will be played on Saturday evening. All-Stars are chosen by college coaches recruiting at the tournament. 

There will be two All-Star games for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 divisions, and one All-Star game for the 2018 division. All-Star Games will be played at the times listed below. All players selected to play in the All-Star game should report to Cedar Lane's turf field (Field 12) 15 minutes prior to the start of the game to meet their coach and receive their jersey.

5:15pm 2018 ECAC All-Star Game

6:00pm 2015 ACC All-Star Game

6:45pm 2016 Patriot All-Star Game

7:30pm 2015 Ivy All-Star Game

8:15pm 2016 BIG 10  All-Star Game

9:00pm 2017 AE All-Star Game

9:45pm 2017 CAA All-Star Game

Please note - All-Star names will be posted at the following times:

All-Star Game Time Graduation Year Bracket  Rosters Will be Published By
5:15pm 2018 - Posted Below
6:00pm 2015 ACC Posted Below
6:45pm 2016 Patriot Posted Below
7:30pm 2015 IVY Posted Below
8:15pm 2016 Big Ten Posted Below
9:00pm 2017 AE Posted Below
9:45pm 2017 CAA Posted Below


Congratulations to the 2012 FLG in 3D Champions


1st- 3d Select CO
2nd- 3d Select NE
3rd- Madlax Orange

1st- Long Island Jesters
2nd- NESLL
3rd- Madlax Capital

1st- NESLL
2nd- MADLAX- Florida Orange
3rd- BBL Elite

1st- LI Express
2nd- 3D Select NE
3rd- Brady's Bunch

1st- FLG
2nd- BBL Elite
3rd- Force AZ