Youth Divisions

Young Guns

The Denver Shootout Youth Tournament will consist of the following youth divisons. 


Years of High School Graduation

2018 (current 8th graders)

2019 (current 7th graders)

2020 (current 6th graders)

2021 (current 5th graders)

2022 (current 4th graders)

2023 (current 3rd graders)

  • Full-field, 10 v 10 format
  • $100 per player + $100 Team Deposit (this fee is in addition to the player fees)
  • All participants must register individually on our website by June 10, 2014
  • Each team is guaranteed 5 games
  • Game MVP balls handed out after each game
  • Round Robin and Championship format
  • NCAA rules 
  • Youth players are allowed to play UP, but can not play in a division BELOW the grade they just finished.


If you have any questions about where your team belongs, please email us.