Founder and CEO, Jamie Munro, former Division I lacrosse coach from 1991-2009, fostered a passion for developing players to their fullest potential. During the last five years of his DI coaching he also coached his son’s youth team, giving him the unique opportunity to determine the capabilities of youth players through DI All Americans. He concluded that working with young players to develop their skills, by providing opportunities and scenarios taught to DI players, creates better players. Jamie’s "Box / Field Hybrid Development System” comes full circle in both simplicity and complexity.

The key to the 3d Lacrosse Methodology is rooted in the environment we create in practice.  A great drill is an environment that can create results. Similar to Darwinism, players learn by adapting. Our consistent terminology, philosophy, and up tempo practices create an environment where, both defensively and offensively, players are forced to adapt and forced to learn.

The implementation of the “Box / Field Hybrid Development System” teaches the best of the in tight stick handling skills that Canadian Box players are known for, combined with the cutting edge skills / tactics that are performed today at the DI level.

Focusing on individual player development is our first priority, where every player becomes a play maker. It is critical that players at every position must be a play maker in one way or another, and our individual skill development is centered in this concept.

Our second priority is the implementation of team defense and pressure defense. One of the most under taught facets of the game, both team defense and pressure defense creates an environment that not only forces the defense to react, think, and scramble, but forces the offense to adjust their position, move the ball, and attack intelligently.

The third priority in the 3d Methodology is teaching motion offense, where players are not just taught plays, but rather “how to play.”  Our training offenses always include some set pieces that the players can fall back on for our elite club teams, but primarily we will build up all the parts created in the individual player development using the “Box / Field Hybrid Development System” to create the player that knows how to attack and how to move intelligently off the ball.